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Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Accountability, Less Stress, Improved Health, Reduced Pain, Expert Support and Coaching. These are just a few of the benefits you are giving someone when you buy a Gift Voucher from Ken Waters Fitness.
Give them the best online fitness and nutrition services and watch them transform!
All gift vouchers come with a lifetime guarantee and can be used whenever presented.

Select a premium package or choose your own amount to give.

Workout with Fit Ball
"I've worked with other PTs before, but Ken has been the best by far.He is able to build great rapport and make you feel comfortable, even in a remote setting.He is knowledgeable, and provides very thought out responses - if he is unsure of something he will then spend time researching the answer to have ready for the next session, which shows not only great care and pride in his work, but in his clients as well."

- Dana B.

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Life demands constant adaptation. The way you train should be no exception. Ken Waters Fitness offers three Premium Online Fitness Packages designed to give you the best Fitness and Nutrition services at your fingertips. Eliminating excuses and turning "I can't" into "I can." You will have a fitness expert where and when you need one. That means you get the benefits of comfort, safety, convenience, accountability, more free time in your day, and better results. You can now rest easy knowing you have a Fitness and Nutrition expert dedicated to making sure your health goals align with your schedule.

  • 60 minute sessions where we work on:
    Strength, Fat Loss, Mobility, Injury Recovery, Balance, Flexibility, Cardio, Mind & Body Connection, Nutrition, Breath Work, Wellbeing, and more.

  • Choose between Personal Training or Nutritionist Session:
    You'll look great and feel great with not only Fitness Training but Nutrition Coaching as well in your tool belt.

  • Bodyweight or Equipment:
    All training is tailored to get you the best results with your current setup.

  • Beginner to Advanced Coaching:
    Whether you're starting out new, have been lifting for years, or somewhere in between. Everything is tailored to your goals and fitness level.

  • You choose the location that fits your life best:
    One of the many advantages of online training is wherever you want to train is the place we train.

  • Lifetime Guarantee:
    You can purchase now and use later! You get a whole lifetime to claim your sessions or use them. 



Service Costs for Reference
All Coaching 90 
a session

Self Follow Workout Plans 150
Nutrition Guides 150

To choose your own amount:
1. Fill in the form(you may gift any amount you want).
2. You will receive an invoice and upon payment (via pay pal/credit card/or debit) you will receive your gift voucher.
3. The gift recipient can use their gift voucher balance towards any service above that fits them and their goals best.

*All sales are final. Your gift card may be gifted to a different person or used by yourself in the event that the original person who was gifted the card does not wish to use it.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email with your invoice within 24hours.

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